About Meistercraft Wood Flooring

Meistercraft Wood Flooring is owned and operated by Alex Melchert. Alex earned his Master Craftsman designation in Flooring Trades in Germany after completing a 3 year apprenticeship. In 2002 Alex joined the Master School for Flooring Trades. He completed the 2 year program at the head of his class, and was awarded the 1st place prize and medal for Young Flooring Trades Worker.

Alex moved to Canada in 2004, settling in Peterborough, Ontario, and started Meistercraft Wood Flooring in 2007. Alex brings over 28 years of knowledge and experience to the hardwood flooring trade.

Meistercraft – What’s in a Name?

The term “Meister” (pronounced my-ster) is the German equivalent of the word Master. In Germany, and much of Europe, Master Craftsmen were traditionally members of a Guild; a formal association of experts – or Masters – in a given trade. In Germany today, the Master Craftsman is the highest professional qualification attainable in a given trade. Candidates must complete 3 to 5 years as a Journeyman before they can begin training for designation as a Master Craftsman. The formal education includes intensive practical and theoretical training as well as business and legal studies. In addition to a written and oral examination, successful candidates must also submit a “Master Piece”; an object representing the culmination of knowledge and skills learned during the candidate’s formal training. Because of these high vocational standards, German Master Craftsmen are in demand throughout the European Union.

The name Meistercraft pays homage to this centuries old tradition – and is a reflection of the knowledge, skill and experience that Meistercraft Wood Flooring brings to each wood flooring project.

Meistercraft Wood Flooring