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At Meistercraft Wood Flooring we believe professional installation is the key to the long term life of your hardwood flooring. If installed and finished properly, hardwood can last the lifetime of your home.

Meistercraft Wood Flooring brings over 28 years of knowledge and experience to each project.  We specialize in installation of raw unfinished wood flooring and finish it on site to your specifications & imagination.  This where the true craftsmanship and passion for our profession shows.

We provide a full range of services including:

  • New installation of raw, unfinished strip or plank hardwood flooring
  • Custom designs, inlays, and borders
  • Repairs, sanding, refurbishing, refinishing & custom staining of existing hardwood flooring
  • Installation of engineered hardwood, and prefinished flooring


Eukula Hardwax Oil for Raw Unfinished Wood Installations
Eukula Hardwax Oil enhances the natural beauty and texture of each hardwood surface. It ensures excellent protection due to its deep penetration, quick hardening, exceptional durability and dirt-repellant surface. Eukula Hardwax Oil has low-toxicity, is environmentally friendly, and contributes to a healthy living environment. In comparison to commonly used polyurethane finishes, Eukula Hardwax Oil is easily repairable, either for the entire floor, or small spot repairs.

Meistercraft also uses Bona Craft OilLoba Impact Oil and Rubio Monocoat and will recommend the best finish for your floor depending on a range of factors including wood species, location, traffic, and degree of exposure to light and moisture.  

Bona System for Water-Based Applications
For water-based polyurethane applications we recommend Bona Traffic and Bona Mega, which are Greenguard Certified for indoor air quality.


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